We make websites and web apps
for all types of screens.

We offer a range of services based on project size and requirements.

A perfect fit

Custom Website

Custom web design is best suited to medium-large companies with more content and/or highly specific requirements. We fit your needs exactly while utilizing the most modern styles and technology.

Starting with briefing and research, our in-house consulting, design, and development team will guide you at every step. After launch, with our ongoing support, you can add new content and features as needed.

Affordable + efficient

WordPress Website

A WordPress-based website is an ideal choice for startups and small businesses. When utilizing this popular platform, your entire website can be online in about 2 weeks.

Starting with the content you provide, we deliver a complete website customized with your style. Our full package includes deployment, hosting, SEO, Google Analytics, and email service – everything your business needs.

Automate your business

Web App

“Web app” refers to an application - such as a platform or CRM - that all users can access via the browser. A single web app can cover all types of users (PC, Mac, iOS, Android), reducing the overall project cost while simplifying deployment.

We offer an agile development process – starting with a minimum viable product, then adding new features in stages. In this way, while development is still in process, you can start enjoying new benefits immediately.

Generate interest + leads

Digital Marketing

Once your website or app is launched, additional work may be required to make sure customers find it and engage on a regular basis.

We offer basic services in many areas, including search engine optimization (SEO), html marketing emails, Google Analytics, content development, translation and localization, social media integration, and WeChat-friendly content and applications.

We work with startups,
partner agencies, and global brands.

We're pleased to serve clients of all different sizes and backgrounds.

Designer Furniture

Stellar Works

Stellar Works stands for a renaissance of refined culture and Asian aesthetics. Their existing website was attractive, but slow and difficult to maintain, and only available in English.

To make room for future expansion, we rebuilt their backend to use an API-based CMS. From a single data source, content in each language is deployed to separate sites in the US and China. The new frontend uses React with a static site generator for extremely fast page loading and refreshing.


Recruitment Platform

Explore CRS

From a head office in Shanghai, Explore CRS places teachers and other education professionals in schools across Asia and the Middle East.

Through the website, job seekers can create an account, enter their qualifications, and search for jobs. Separately, school HR departments can log in and search for candidates by their qualifications. All data is API-integrated with the company’s CRM, with updates reflected immediately on both sides.


Fashion Label


Sirloin is a Shanghai-based designer label founded by a Japanese-Swedish duo. With Fashion Week exhibitions in Paris and Shanghai, they have recently attracted significant industry and media attention.

We worked with Sirloin’s graphic designer to develop a highly animated website reflecting their brand’s spirit of “stupid elegance”.




Pandora is a leading international jewelry manufacturer and retailer. With locations in 16 cities across China, Pandora is widely known for their customizable bracelets.

We worked with brand communication agency Oasis Group to create this custom online survey for their 2017 retail events across China.

Luxury Property

One Limassol

ONE is situated on 28th October Avenue, Limassol’s most prized address launched by Pafilia – the largest privately owned residential developer in Cyprus.

We worked with global branding agency Yang Rutherford to create this custom website with full page layouts scrolling in all directions.


Marketing Agency


Xperience is an experiential marketing agency serving clients including Ford, Lincoln, Volvo, G.E., and Panasonic. Originally based throughout the U.S., they opened a new Shanghai office in 2017.

We worked with Xperience’s internal design team to develop a colorful, animated website in English and Chinese which was then launched in both countries.


We are designers, developers,
and client problem-solvers.

We apply our skills to achieve meaningful results.

Creative + Technical Director

Andrew Kruse

description 1

Lantern founder (2008) 13 years industry experience worked on projects for Starbucks, Thomson Reuters, McKinsey, Element Fresh SUES guest professor SIVA design judge University of Pennsylvania University of Wisconsin

Andrew Kruse

Account Manager

Felicia Geng

description 1

Lantern member since foundation (2008) 11 years industry experience worked on projects for Shui On, Netis, Jaguar Land Rover CET 6 Shanghai University of Engineering Science Shanghai University of Int’l Business

Felicia Geng

Project Coordinator

Jingjing Chen

description 1

Lantern member since 2012 6 years industry experience Worked on projects for W.H.O., Dipont Education, Fareast Boats CET 6 Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Jingjing Chen

Art Director / Partner

Koofeel Wang

description 1

Lantern partner since foundation (2008) 19 years industry experience worked on projects for Shanghai Government, Grand Hyatt, Tomson Riviera Polytechnic University of Milan Shanghai Art College

Koofeel Wang